Hung Fut Kung Fu Las Vegas Self Defense

Don Niam teaches Hung Fut Kung Fu. The Art of Hung Fut begins with Stances, basics and on to the forms. Hung Fut's very first form has 84 movements. Learning the forms develops speed, power, balance, timing and internal energy. Also, part of the Hung Fut system is pad work, sparring and self defense. The conditioning aspect of Hung fut will reshape your body and relieve stress.
Update: Private Kickboxing and self defense sessions are also offered by Don at:
City Athletic Club
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Kung Fu rings for developing power and speed. Only a few styles use the rings.

Video of Private Kickboxing session

♓︎ Develops discipline and Focus
♓︎ Self Defense-A much needed skill in today's society.
♓︎ Improves Concentration
♓︎ Develops Self Esteem
♓︎ Improves Balance and coordination
♓︎ Improves Posture
♓︎ Mental Alertness
♓︎ Creates Structure and focuses children's energy
♓︎ Develop necessary skills to deal with bully's
♓︎ Call Don Direct for Private Kickboxing instruction. 702.610.3896
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Private lessons only are being taught at this time in Las Vegas. Hung Fut involves Kung Fu stances or otherwise referred to as postures to develop a good foundation and leg strength. Stances are excellent for strengthening the core and developing good posture. To be good in Kung Fu your legs must be strong and have the foundation of a Mountain.
Basic stretching exercises to gain flexibility. Basic blocks, punches and kicks are taught along with basic techniques. Once the basics are good enough to move on the student progresses to hand forms. The forms are combinations of attacks, blocks and fighting combinations with detailed foot and hand work. Repetition of the forms creates muscle memory of the techniques and develops tremendous power and endurance. Kung Fu training utilizes explosive movements. The forms are practiced many times over and are an art form in themselves. After learning the first form the student then can move on to pre-sparring and then to sparring if they wish to.
Self defense techniques are taught regularly to understand practical application of the movements.
To learn more about training with Sifu Niam in Hung Fut feel free to phone at 702-610-3896 or contact us by email on the link below or the
Please only serious inquiries.