Canopies and awnings both do a great job at giving you an opportunity to maximize your space outdoors whether for family gatherings or for the benefit of your business. Both also give you protection from possible weather changes thus giving you a chance to take advantage of the space while disregarding the idea of how sunny the day could be or if an unexpected rain possibly comes. 


So, what is a canopy and how is it different to awnings

The structure of an awning and the structure of a canopy is what differentiates them. An awning is a covering that is framed with metal, sometimes fixed, sometimes retractable, attached to a wall or roof of a building or a home and is made of durable fabric. On the other hand, a canopy is freestanding. It is a structure that is supported through posts with a durable fabric as covering as well.  

To make the difference simple, canopies, unlike awnings, are structures that can be assembled and disassembled when needed.  


If you install an awning, it becomes a permanent part of your home. If you do not have a lot of space indoors, awnings are a great way to maximize the space you have outdoors. It is especially beneficial to small businesses which gives them not just a better view for their customers but also a much wider space. Unlike canopies that are supported with posts and can be disassembled and assembled, awnings are attached to your home or building thus giving you a limited protection or shade. Moreover, awnings are also smaller compared to canopies. If you want a space that has no obstructions, then you should invest in an awning to make sure that the area you want to have shade on is protected and open.  

If you have a cafe, awnings are also great at adding an aesthetic to the look of your building. Since awnings give shade to the space outside your cafe, it can also be a great opportunity if there are many customers in a day, giving them ample space and vacant seats.   


Canopies are very flexible when it comes to changing locations from when you need it to where you need it. Since it is a structure that can be assembled and disassembled anytime, it is a useful structure not only for businesses like coffee shops or restaurants with an outdoor area to cater to customers but it can also be used in events that need a much larger space.  

Canopies have a larger scope compared to awnings so it is preferable in fairs or trade shows and it caters to a lot of space that is sheltered from too much heat from the sun or unexpected rains that might possibly ruin an event.  

Choosing between a canopy and an awning solely depends on you. Whether you want to shade a smaller for a space you want to utilize at home or you want something that can cover a wider area for a big fair you are hosting.  

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